What is WordPress Study Hall?

Well, casual visitor, I’m glad you asked!

On Sunday we’ll be hosting an event we’ve dubbed WordPress Study Hall. It combines the traditional “Dev Day” that follows most WordCamp events with more user- and attendee-focused opportunities as well.

In the morning we’ll have some of our speakers introduce those who are interested into three distinctly different topics: Contributing to WordPress core (actually building WordPress itself), Helping in the Community Support Forums (answering questions others have about WordPress that you now know the answer to), and Finding Your Inspiration (taking what you learned on Saturday to improve your own site, write a blog post, engage with your audience, etc). Throughout the afternoon we’ll focus on actually doing those activities. There will also be ample time for mini break-out sessions if attendees and speakers want to get together to talk about a particular topic.

The event kicks off Sunday at 10am, in the same building as Saturday. Oh, and your general admission WordCamp ticket gains you access to this, too!

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